Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Race Course Grooming Week...

I took a reconnaissance lap Tuesday morning before going to work so I could see the status of the entire race course loop and devise a plan for trail work this weekend.

The Dos Niner was still in the car from Sunday's race, so I rode it on the dew covered trails only stopping a couple of times to remove branches from the trail...


I was pleased how the north side was riding after all the grooming work I did on Saturday afternoon.  I was also pleased with the overall condition of the entire trail.  Some erosion work needs to be done on Saturday morning with McLeods and rakes, as well as raking much of the trail due to the build up of debris from all of the rain runoff.  That kind of debris can cause traction issues as well as wreck rear derailleurs and spokes.  A little housekeeping will go a long way to improve everyone's experience.  A couple of sections need a bit of trimming as the Queen Anne's Lace has grown so tall and is falling over into the trail's path.  Mowing the grass for the line in sections to speed things up will complete everything and should easily be accomplished this weekend.

For those interested, a work call at Lake Ahquabi will be held this Saturday morning, September 27th, from 9 am to 12 noon.  Bring your bike, of course!  Meet at the Beach House Shelter parking lot, and we will deploy from there.  I will bring the tools we need from the CITA trailer (McLeods, rakes, trimmer), but if you have your favorite rake or loppper - bring it along.  We could use a chain saw or two (or hand saws) to take on a few trees if you own one.  Just send me a message that you are attending so I know how much breakfast food to buy (bacon, bagels, and eggs!!!).  I promise not to wear everyone out - especially those that might be planning on racing at the Oakley Night Cap in Des Moines Saturday night, or on Sunday.  I will be camping out at the park on Friday and Saturday nights to have easy access to do trail work.

Finally, for those racing - get registered online to save yourself some $$ and race day hassle of standing in a long line.  Registration is here.

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