Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2014 race plans are underway...

Just a quick note to say that plans for The 2014 Mullet are underway.  There was a chance in July that the event would not even take place due to storm damage.  However, everyone owes a huge shoutout to the crew that removed 70+ fallen trees from the tornado/wind damage that occurred on Monday, July 7th.  Thanks go to:  Bob Matthews, Ron Cooney, Al Boone, Doc Finck, Steve Shird, and Kevin Welsch.  And of course the DNR crew is still out there on a daily basis cutting up the fallen trees all over the park.

I am doing trail grooming work several days a week during August (mowing, lopping, raking, grooming), and the course is riding very well at the moment.  There is more work to be done between now and the race, but compared to how it looked on July 8th - one can only say that there has been an amazing amount of progress.  There will be some course routing changes this year in conjunction with the land management plan.

Chip Timing is back via Elivish Consulting from Illinois!  This means that results will be posted very quickly thanks to the electronic timing system and the printer spitting out results as fast as possible.  

Since the race is the season finale for the IMBCS, Rob Cook and I have agreed that the points tracking system being used combined with the chip timing will allow for us to present the 2014 IMBCS Winners during the Awards Ceremony.

I will be arranging for the online registration process this week and next, so be patient for all of the details to unfold.  We are still looking for volunteers to help with the kids race, potluck organization, course set up/tear down, etc.... .  Get in touch with me or Bob Matthews if you would like to volunteer.

Get out and ride!

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