Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trail is trimmed, sight lines open...

I addressed the eastern portion of the trail (the whole section after the pavement climb and into the backwoods) today with the scythe.  It's all clean, open and ready to ride.  I still need to remove the downed tree, but that is on tap for removal after August 11th with Al Boone.  Actually, I could go out with my hand bow saw after looking at it today and determining I could do it the old fashioned way.  Probably do that tomorrow morning.

Edit:  Tree is now removed thanks to my hand held bow saw.

I went searching for a plausible way to get us safely back down the hill to the start/finish area that would make things safer.  Probably the climb will be up the old railroad tie section that is now graveled in nicely covering the ties.

Here's what it used to look like before the new gravel was added...


I've been doing this climb all year and it is not bad at all with the lime chip gravel on it and how baked in it is.  It's more fun than the pavement climb and solves at least one prior unsafe section if we did this.

If we climbed that and turned left into the backwoods section at the top of the climb, it would remove that nasty right hand bender that is so unsafe coming the other way after the pavement climb.  This would take the pavement climb out of the equation and instead, we would use the main Ahquabi hiking trails to get us back over to the top of the pavement climb, and descend back down by the lake to get us back over to the start/finish area.  It would be enough new variety to make this year's route different.

I was over trimming and exploring a descent when I whacked myself with the scythe in the leg.  That stopped my work today, but I will be back out again this week to mark that section out and see what I can come up with that will improve the descent and keep the new route as an option.

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