Monday, August 12, 2013

2012 Trucker Hats - 2nd batch!!!!

Attention Mullet Mad Hatters: The remaining Mullet Trucker Hats from the 2012 race are in my hands!! It's a rather long story how they ended up in my hands in August of 2013, but no matter what happened with the hats - the buck stops here. I will take the blame. If you pre-registered last year (I have the list) and did not get one of the initial 110 hats that were handed out at registration last year, send me a PM on Facebook or post up here (Eric Larson, Joe Short and Eric Chriswisser - I have your hats). 
I have hats for the remaining 30 riders that pre-registered and are due a hat. A big shout out and thank you to Beaverdale Bikes and their T-Shirt Graphix business. 
This year: everyone gets a shirt at the 2013 Mullet Fall Classic!!! I am ordering enough to put a shirt on everyone's back. Registration is up and running and the first person has registered (way to go Luke!!!).


Luke said...

Yeah registration-race winner! (note: did not get a preregister hat last year)

Bruce Brown said...

Luke - so your name is now on the list as well if you didn't get your pre-register hat last year. How do I get it to you?