Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 Race Planning...

I am happy to announce that a group of Indianola mountain bikers will be joining forces to bring you the 2013 version of The Mullet Fall Classic.

Ron Cooney, Bryce Gilbert, Bob Matthews, Al Boone, and Bruce Brown met to discuss possibilities for the race this year.

Things under consideration....

Changing the date from Sunday, 10/6 to Saturday 10/5.  That would allow for camping and recovering before going back to work on Monday.  It would also help with course tear down following the race which is always difficult to do before it gets dark.  Having the day on Sunday to tear down the race course and get the park back into tip top shape would help.

Fat Tire category.  That's right.  Something about Fat Tire bikes and having their own category.  Maybe prizes could be meat?  More on that later...

Kids Race!!   That's right.  We will, for the first time, have a race for the kids this year!!!

Music.  Maybe.  We are looking into having a post-race party with music if the DNR allows it and we can find suitable entertainment.

P.A. System.  Yup.  Too many people are racing this event now to hear what is going on without a P.A. system.  Time to bring in the foghorn so everyone knows what is going on.

Fund Raiser.  This year, we have decided to raise money to help purchase some small trail maintenance equipment for the Indianola based trails (Banner and Lake Ahquabi).

Sponsors.  We will be pursuing sponsorship for this race.

New T-Shirt design.  In the works and looks like it will be T-Shirts for all this year.

Mullet Hair Growing Contest.  Yup.  Start growing them now.  Prizes for the best, naturally grown Mullet hair do.

There might be some other things in the works as well, but for now that's a brief summary of our collective thoughts on creating an excellent State Championship for Iowa Mountain Biking.

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