Saturday, February 16, 2013

New for 2013 - USA Cycling sanctioned official Iowa State Championship for Mountain Biking!!!

As the title says, The Mullet Fall Classic will be the official State Championship for Iowa under the USA Cycling sanctions.  Both in XC and Marathon disciplines!!!

Mark your calendars now to make it a A Priority Race if you are interested in being the State Champion for Iowa in your category!!!!  I am busy getting the website at USA Cycling all set up and the categories entered correctly before it goes live.

Top 3 in each division receive USA Cycling State Championship Awards.  In addition, winners will qualify to race at the USA Cycling Nationals in 2014.

What does this mean in terms of changes for the 2013 Mullet vs. the 2012?

Not too much from the standpoint of the racers, but more on my end as the promoter.  We will be following the IMBCS format for categories, age classes, and distances.

Here is information for the categories and age classes.....

The IMBCS will use the following structure for categorizing racers:

• Elite – Pro and Category 1 racers, for men and women.
• Comp – For those that feel they fall somewhere between a Category 1 and
Category 2. This class is one category only, all participants will be scored
together regardless of age or gender.
• Category 2 – Sport racers for men and women.
• Category 3 – Beginner racers for men and women.
• Juniors – 18 and under for boys and girls.

Please note, that following the 2013 season all category winners, with the exception of Category 1, will be encouraged to upgrade to the next highest category.  If a category winner chooses not to upgrade then they will not be eligible for free entry the following season and the free entry will be awarded to the next eligible participant within that category.  The purpose behind this rule change is to encourage competition and fairness within each class structure.

Also note that there is no longer a singlespeed class, however singlespeeders are welcomed and encouraged to compete in whichever category best suits their abilities. Those competing on singlespeed bikes will be scored in whichever category they choose to compete, in other words, if a singlespeed competitor competes in the Comp class, they will be scored as a Comp competitor.

Age groups within each category will be as follows:

Elite Men
19 – 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49 and 50+

The 2013 guideline for cash payouts will be such that the top five overall finishers, regardless of your age, will receive cash payouts.  The top finishers in each age group will receive prizes. Cash payouts and prizes will be determined by each race director.

Elite Women
Open – for Pro and Category 1 women of all ages.

Comp (Category 2)
Open – primarily for men, however women are welcome to participate. This class is one category only, so any women participants will be scored with the men.

Category 2 Men
19 – 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49 and 50+

Category 2 Women
Open – open to all Category 2 women of all ages.

Category 3 Men
Open – open to all ages

Category 3 Women
Open – open to all ages

Juniors 18 and under
Boys – open to all boys 18 years of age and younger
Girls – open to all girls 18 years of age and younger

These rules are the new 2013 IMBCS rules and will apply to all of the races in the series.

Registration will be online via the USA Cycling website as well as available on race day at Lake Ahquabi.  Insurance will be through USA Cycling.  There will be a USA Cycling Official overseeing the timing and scoring of all races.  Race results will be posted immediately after the USAC Officials have approved the results and later on the USA Cycling website.

We will still - hopefully - have all the things you have become accustomed to over the past couple of years.  Restrooms on site.  A death spiral or two near the finish line.  A big year end party for the Iowa Mountain Bike Championship Series.  Cash Awards for CAT 1 and Marathon winners.  Medals and prizes for everyone else.