Friday, October 5, 2012

Today is the final day of online registration....

Just a reminder that online registration for The Mullet Fall Classic closes tonight at 9 pm at the site. Why register online? You save $5 on the entry fee compared to registering day of race out at Lake Ahquabi on Sunday morning. 110 are signed up online as of this morning (we had 123 by Friday evening last year). It would be nice to meet or beat that number, but we will see. If weather is holding you back, a thin base layer under your racing kit or arm warmers should be plenty to keep you warm for the race itself if you have some nice socks and full fingered gloves to go along with that. Bring warm clothing for the pre-race and post-race activities to keep you warm in the mid to upper 50's temperatures. Jacket, pants, hiking boots, stocking cap, etc... . I should be able to build a roaring fire in the Beach Shelter fireplace and the sunshine will keep one warm throughout the day. Fall is here!

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