Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 Mullet Accounting

Updated throughout the lead up to the race and post race to plug in the numbers..

Cash Balance & Income

Carry Over Cash Balance from 2011 Race Entry Fees: $0
Online Registration Fees for 141 racers from $3185
Day of Race Registration Fees for Day of Race Entry Fees: $995
Sponsor Cash: $500

Total Income & Cash Balance: $4680


Online Transaction Fees: $350.70
Insurance: $437.50
Toilet Rental: $137.80
Prize Money: $1050
Trucker Hats: $750
Motel for Timers: $81.76
Bike Number Plates: $ 0 (enough leftover from last year)
51 Resource Revival Award Medals and shipping: $329.73
Alan Avery Fee for Timing:$738.00
Grilling Meat/Plates/Utensils: $237.58
Water, Condiments, Potluck Supplies: $178.59
Rental Expense (generator, warmer): $50.20

Total Expenses: $4341.86

Income & Cash Balance: $4680
Less Expenses: - $4341.86

Ending Balance from The Mullet Race: $338.14 + $250.86 (a cash contribution of my own)= $589 goes to CITA

Day of Race CITA Donations from Racers:  $411 goes to CITA

Grand Total Check for CITA as a result of The Mullet 2012 is $589 + $411 = $1000!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

One more week until online registration closes...

Reminder: Online registration for The Mullet (found here) closes at 9 p.m. next Friday, October 5th. Get signed up so we can print your t-shirt!!!! Updated Accuweather forecast is for 65 degrees and sunshine on race day, October 7. I will be marking the course a bit more today (Friday, September 28) and doing final branch and weed trimming. It's all fine as is, but I want it to be 'perfect'.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Electronic Timing for the 2012 Race!!!

Transponders will be used this year for timing the race. They attach to the back of the number plates and are disposable. No need to turn in a fork mounted chip or angle strap chip. Pretty cool and will help with timing the multiple races going on at the same time as well as provide immediate results for the masses. Best of all, it will streamline check-in compared to last year for all those that are pre-registered. We will have more check in stations to improve the flow and keep lines from developing. The race is 3 weeks from today, so if you haven't registered online yet to take advantage of the discounted entry fee and free t-shirt - hop to!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wednesday NIght Bikes and Bevs!

Lake Ahquabi "Bikes and Bevs" tomorrow night!!! -- Wednesday September 12th. The plan is to take off on the "Bikes" from the Beach House parking lot at 6:15 for at least 2 laps. Tailgate "Bevs" following the laps. Good way to learn The Mullet Fall Classic loop and take advantage of the nice weather before the rain hits later on Wednesday evening. Bring along your favorite "Bev"...