Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Registration is Live!!! A word about the 2012 Race Entry Fees...

The entry fees for the 2012 race are very much in line with our neighboring state series races in Nebraska and Minnesota. Almost exactly in line. Both of those state series have an online pre-registration option which is discounted compared to day of race registration. One pays $5 more for Nebraska and $6 more in Minnesota for day of race registration compared to online. Considering both of those series have sponsors to help with the tremendous costs, we're doing as best we can here in Iowa without sponsorship. To echo what I said last year about the online registration, it allows us to enter all of the data into the timing software, assign number plates, and get things organized for such a large group of racers. Day of registration will be available, but the $5 charge will be used (and the t-shirt will not be free). We had 123 pre-registered in 2011 and 32 day of race registrations. I posted the complete accounting analysis below of last year's event. Last year had a carry over balance of $1,100 from the 2010 race. I have $0 carry over balance going into this year's event. And yet, we are providing more this year at the event. That being said, here is the link to the online registration at

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