Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Lake Ahquabi Race...

The Mullet will happen again this year at Lake Ahquabi on Sunday, October 7th. The DNR used FEMA money to do quite a bit of work on the lake shore during the winter of 2011/12. They also added some smaller chip gravel sections on a few problem spot areas of the trail.

Last year's race route is in perfect condition for us to use again this year, so things have not changed due to the work completed during the winter.

Mark your calendars for this October 7th and join me in doing the good weather vibe dance for that weekend!


Bruce Brown said...

A month later and the canopy is growing in as well as the grass needing to be mowed.
I started snapping branches today with my hands on the southside of the lake, but need to get out there with my pruning tools and walk the entire loop to trim things back. It's especially growing wild up in the Mickey Mouse ear section.

Bruce Brown said...

Just about everything has been trimmed, dead fall has been removed and the course is riding super-fast thanks to the drought and dry soil.

I will not mow the connector sections until the height of summer camping season has past (probably after Labor Day) due to a request from the DNR. However, if you remember last year's course - it is all there and easily ridden at the moment.