Monday, October 8, 2012

What a great turnout and race!!!

The video says it all....

172 registered racers.  That's 11% more than last year - so a new record.

$1000 raised for CITA!

Perfect fall weather!

Good food.  Good beer.   Good party and fellowship.

33 raced in CAT III
80 raced in CAT II
18 raced in CAT I
The rest raced in Marathon

Race Results!

Race Results can be found here:

Sunday, October 7, 2012


UP at 4 am.  Breakfast at 5:30 am.  Shower and shave - then I'm off to set up the course and registration area.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Today is the final day of online registration....

Just a reminder that online registration for The Mullet Fall Classic closes tonight at 9 pm at the site. Why register online? You save $5 on the entry fee compared to registering day of race out at Lake Ahquabi on Sunday morning. 110 are signed up online as of this morning (we had 123 by Friday evening last year). It would be nice to meet or beat that number, but we will see. If weather is holding you back, a thin base layer under your racing kit or arm warmers should be plenty to keep you warm for the race itself if you have some nice socks and full fingered gloves to go along with that. Bring warm clothing for the pre-race and post-race activities to keep you warm in the mid to upper 50's temperatures. Jacket, pants, hiking boots, stocking cap, etc... . I should be able to build a roaring fire in the Beach Shelter fireplace and the sunshine will keep one warm throughout the day. Fall is here!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Mullet Trucker Hat!!!

Courtesy of Jed Gammell, the official t-shirt for this year's Mullet has been changed to a hat. Yup - a salt of the earth trucker Mullet hat!!! Fall weather has been ordered. Chili has been ordered. Burgers and Brats have been ordered. Beer has been ordered. Potluck has been ordered. Crazy finish line area has been ordered. Hi-tech timing has been ordered. Fast race course has been ordered. Fun has been ordered - but you have to be there to experience it!! Sign up online now before it's too late to receive the discount (Friday night). 80 have already taken advantage of the discount. Why not join them? Do it here.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 Mullet Accounting

Updated throughout the lead up to the race and post race to plug in the numbers..

Cash Balance & Income

Carry Over Cash Balance from 2011 Race Entry Fees: $0
Online Registration Fees for 141 racers from $3185
Day of Race Registration Fees for Day of Race Entry Fees: $995
Sponsor Cash: $500

Total Income & Cash Balance: $4680


Online Transaction Fees: $350.70
Insurance: $437.50
Toilet Rental: $137.80
Prize Money: $1050
Trucker Hats: $750
Motel for Timers: $81.76
Bike Number Plates: $ 0 (enough leftover from last year)
51 Resource Revival Award Medals and shipping: $329.73
Alan Avery Fee for Timing:$738.00
Grilling Meat/Plates/Utensils: $237.58
Water, Condiments, Potluck Supplies: $178.59
Rental Expense (generator, warmer): $50.20

Total Expenses: $4341.86

Income & Cash Balance: $4680
Less Expenses: - $4341.86

Ending Balance from The Mullet Race: $338.14 + $250.86 (a cash contribution of my own)= $589 goes to CITA

Day of Race CITA Donations from Racers:  $411 goes to CITA

Grand Total Check for CITA as a result of The Mullet 2012 is $589 + $411 = $1000!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

One more week until online registration closes...

Reminder: Online registration for The Mullet (found here) closes at 9 p.m. next Friday, October 5th. Get signed up so we can print your t-shirt!!!! Updated Accuweather forecast is for 65 degrees and sunshine on race day, October 7. I will be marking the course a bit more today (Friday, September 28) and doing final branch and weed trimming. It's all fine as is, but I want it to be 'perfect'.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Electronic Timing for the 2012 Race!!!

Transponders will be used this year for timing the race. They attach to the back of the number plates and are disposable. No need to turn in a fork mounted chip or angle strap chip. Pretty cool and will help with timing the multiple races going on at the same time as well as provide immediate results for the masses. Best of all, it will streamline check-in compared to last year for all those that are pre-registered. We will have more check in stations to improve the flow and keep lines from developing. The race is 3 weeks from today, so if you haven't registered online yet to take advantage of the discounted entry fee and free t-shirt - hop to!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wednesday NIght Bikes and Bevs!

Lake Ahquabi "Bikes and Bevs" tomorrow night!!! -- Wednesday September 12th. The plan is to take off on the "Bikes" from the Beach House parking lot at 6:15 for at least 2 laps. Tailgate "Bevs" following the laps. Good way to learn The Mullet Fall Classic loop and take advantage of the nice weather before the rain hits later on Wednesday evening. Bring along your favorite "Bev"...

Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Registration is Live!!! A word about the 2012 Race Entry Fees...

The entry fees for the 2012 race are very much in line with our neighboring state series races in Nebraska and Minnesota. Almost exactly in line. Both of those state series have an online pre-registration option which is discounted compared to day of race registration. One pays $5 more for Nebraska and $6 more in Minnesota for day of race registration compared to online. Considering both of those series have sponsors to help with the tremendous costs, we're doing as best we can here in Iowa without sponsorship. To echo what I said last year about the online registration, it allows us to enter all of the data into the timing software, assign number plates, and get things organized for such a large group of racers. Day of registration will be available, but the $5 charge will be used (and the t-shirt will not be free). We had 123 pre-registered in 2011 and 32 day of race registrations. I posted the complete accounting analysis below of last year's event. Last year had a carry over balance of $1,100 from the 2010 race. I have $0 carry over balance going into this year's event. And yet, we are providing more this year at the event. That being said, here is the link to the online registration at

Saturday, August 4, 2012

2012 Race Plans...

Plans are underway for the 2012 version of this race. Bruce, Jed and Rob want to keep it fun, exciting and also keep it a nice year-end wrap to the XC mountain biking season. I rode it in both directions yesterday and outside of a bit of ground growth trimming needed in connector sections, things still look pretty good. I keep removing dead fall, and trimming back bush growth every time I ride. Due to everything being so dry, the track is super fast. The drought has all of the grass in a dormant state, so no mowing has been needed and the bike tires are mashing things down where it needs to be mashed. If you haven't been out this year for a ride - get out there and test it out (I suggest clockwise). Gravel? I've heard concerns about the gravel that has been added, but to be honest, it really only is in a few spots and should not effect the race at all. In fact in two areas, it has actually helped and speeds things up. The steep climb on the southwest side of the lake can be made in granny gear or middle gear while staying seated on the bike. At least I'm able to consistently make that climb. Riding down it is hazardous, so that is out for a race suggestion. An alternative loop around that climb in the grass to the southwest and connecting up with an existing deer path is an option. I would be curious to hear from the Beginners on the possibility of making the lap shorter for the beginners, easier (less climbs) which would allow the beginners to do two laps instead of one of the entire thing. There are 2 sections that I could easily remove for the beginners (it would involve signs telling racer traffic where to turn at two separate points). One would be to remove the entire Mickey Mouse ear loops. The other would involve the Beginners going straight to the finish line are at the parking lot area and not turning up the hill to do the entire hilly east side section. This would take out all of the nasty climbing, shorten the course which would allow for 2 fun laps and a more beginner friendly track. If you have comments about that - post 'em up as I contemplate final decisions. Thanks. BB

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Lake Ahquabi Race...

The Mullet will happen again this year at Lake Ahquabi on Sunday, October 7th. The DNR used FEMA money to do quite a bit of work on the lake shore during the winter of 2011/12. They also added some smaller chip gravel sections on a few problem spot areas of the trail.

Last year's race route is in perfect condition for us to use again this year, so things have not changed due to the work completed during the winter.

Mark your calendars for this October 7th and join me in doing the good weather vibe dance for that weekend!