Monday, October 3, 2011

Thank You to CITA and all the Trail Work Volunteers!!!

We had 18 folks lend a helping hand yesterday in the beautiful fall weather out at Lake Ahquabi. Sunny conditions with temperatures in the 70's made it perfect for pre-riding the course, marking it, doing some rock and dirt fill, unclogging 2 culverts, some chainsaw dead fall removal work, blowing and raking leaves, removing walnuts on the trail, and of course - to tip and sip a few beers while visiting.

Thank you to all who came out to pitch in
as it really helped me in getting the course ready. And even more important, continued to show the DNR our commitment to the trails such as Banner Pits and now Lake Ahquabi. That's very important for the present - due to the State Park budget cuts - as well as the future for our continued use of Lake Ahquabi.

The weather also brought out quite a few riders to come and ride the route as well. I am going to go out this morning before work and do a lap, mark a few more corners in the Mickey Mouse Ear loops on the north side and see just what it is we accomplished yesterday as a collective group.

According to the GPS and computer information, the 1st lap will be 6.8 miles, and all subsequent laps are 6.7 miles. It is riding very fast thanks to the dry ground and grooming that has been done. Rick Blackford turned in a 30 minute lap on his SS. Lap counts listed over on the right column are correct and will afford the XC race to meet the IMBCS suggested finishing times for the winners.

Thanks to everyone for the excellent help!!

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