Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Accounting Records for The Mullet...

I wanted to be up front with the accounting of what is involved in organizing and paying for an event such as The Mullet Fall Classic. I want to thank CITA for the excellent help and teaming up with me on the food/party side of the equation. Without them, things would not have been as good as they were.

I made the decision to take on last year's growth pains by adding some elements to the race in hopes of improving the experience for everyone. That meant additional expenses (online registration, chip timing, toilet rental) which would require using left over cash from the 2010 race coupled with the race entry fee income for 2011 to host the event. My goal was not to make money (last year or this), so giving back the 2010 proceeds to enhance this year's event seemed appropriate to do.

In spite of knowing the costs involved, I strove to keep entry fee prices down for everyone, rather than raising the cost to cover the chip timing and online registration transaction fees (about $9 per racer). The carry over cash balance from the 2010 race allowed me to do this for the 2011 race. By providing the pre-registration discount entry fee for everyone who registered online, I was happy that 123 racers were able to take advantage of using Raceregister.net and keep their entry fees as low as possible.

Here are the numbers.

Cash Balance and Income

Carry Over Cash Balance from 2010 Race Entry Fees: $1,100
Online Registration Fees for 123 racers from RaceRegister.net: $2736
Day of Race Registration Fees for 32 Day of Race Entry Fees: $1,174
Sponsor Cash: $700

Total Income & Cash Balance: $5710


T-Shirts: $850
Online Transaction Fees: $308.80
Insurance: $500
Toilet Rental: $127.20
Prize Money: $1800
Motel for Timers: $122.08
Bike Number Plates and Marking Chalk: $372.09
Marking Supplies from Wal-Mart: $53.29
Resource Revival Award Medals: $329.73
Nebraska Cycling Association Fee for Timing: $708
Nancy Stirek Chip Timing Services: $266.90
Water: $48.
Office Supplies (paper, ink, printing): $17.39
Gas Expense for trail work and set up days: $78

Total Expenses: $5581.48

Income & Cash Balance: $5710
Less Expenses: - $5581.48

Ending Balance: $128.52 (goes to CITA along with a cash contribution of my own)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

155 Record Turnout at The Mullet Fall Classic!

Congratulations to all on an excellent race, great food, fun and a whopping year end to IMBCS mountain bike racing party. All proceeds are going to CITA. A huge thanks to CITA for the spread, trail work, volunteer help and general being there.

Thanks to the fraternity boys from Simpson's chapter of Lamda Chi for keeping the road traffic stopped while we crossed the roads. Thanks to Matt McCutchan, Tom Anderson (and his family!!), Jed Gammell, Rob Versteegh and Oakley, Sterling Heise and Rasmussen Bike Shop, Troy Pearson, Al Boone, Ron Cooney, Pete Parvi, Scott Sumpter, Tara Starr, Alexa Brown, Josh Shipman and the Lake Ahquabi staff, Courtney Hilton and family for the on site chili cooking, Nancy Stirek, Craig Harding, Justin Hankins, and all of those who helped put things together food, trail and volunteer wise for the 2011 Mullet. I apologize if I have forgotten shout outs to individual names, but a big thanks to everyone who pitched in on any level from trail work, to food, to organizing, to donations, suggestions, etc... .

I saw a lot of smiles and a lot of healthy attitudes out there this year. Chip timing worked great. Portable toilets worked. Weather was fantastic. Fellowship was abundant. Prize money was won. T-shirts were snarfed up. Schwag was gobbled up. And food was over the top mixed with the Beer Garden.

Still a few growing pains to iron out, but I felt this year was a step in the right direction to tackling the growth. More water needed. A better check-in line system to avoid bottle necks (more volunteers and more than one person handing out the chips perhaps?). But I'm already brainstorming for the future.

Over and out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Link to Mullet Race Results...

The link to see all results for The Mullet Fall Classic is here. You can view overall, by division, etc... .

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pre-Ride of course Garmin information.

Thanks to Rick Blackford who used his Garmin on Sunday for a couple of pre-ride laps of the course (riding his singlespeed no less).

Here's the link.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thank You to CITA and all the Trail Work Volunteers!!!

We had 18 folks lend a helping hand yesterday in the beautiful fall weather out at Lake Ahquabi. Sunny conditions with temperatures in the 70's made it perfect for pre-riding the course, marking it, doing some rock and dirt fill, unclogging 2 culverts, some chainsaw dead fall removal work, blowing and raking leaves, removing walnuts on the trail, and of course - to tip and sip a few beers while visiting.

Thank you to all who came out to pitch in
as it really helped me in getting the course ready. And even more important, continued to show the DNR our commitment to the trails such as Banner Pits and now Lake Ahquabi. That's very important for the present - due to the State Park budget cuts - as well as the future for our continued use of Lake Ahquabi.

The weather also brought out quite a few riders to come and ride the route as well. I am going to go out this morning before work and do a lap, mark a few more corners in the Mickey Mouse Ear loops on the north side and see just what it is we accomplished yesterday as a collective group.

According to the GPS and computer information, the 1st lap will be 6.8 miles, and all subsequent laps are 6.7 miles. It is riding very fast thanks to the dry ground and grooming that has been done. Rick Blackford turned in a 30 minute lap on his SS. Lap counts listed over on the right column are correct and will afford the XC race to meet the IMBCS suggested finishing times for the winners.

Thanks to everyone for the excellent help!!