Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 Race Results!!!

CAT 1 Expert Women:
1st Lisa Vetterlein = 2:41:45
2nd Julie Kirkpatrick = 3:00:48
3rd Sally Logan = 3:07:27
4th Maria Ruhtenberg 3:39:52

CAT 1 Expert Men:

1st Cam Kirkpatrick = 2:42:56
2nd Jed Gammell = 2:53:29
3rd Jay Chesterman = 2:53:295
4th Tony Nichols = 2:58:33
5th Rob Versteegh = 3:10:10
DNF Kaleb Himli
DNF Rick Blackford

CAT 1 Expert Masters Men 35+:

1st Tom Anderson = 3:16:23
2nd Brian Pottorff = 3:18:52
3rd Jason Alread = 3:19:53
4th Chad Vandelune = 3:20:04
5th Eddie Karow = 3:24:54
6th James Hopewn = 3:26:33
DNF Pete Basso
DNF David Fish
Marathon Solo:
1st Jerome Rewerts = 3:09:20
2nd Brad Bergman = 3:10:54
3rd Jubil Young = 3:36:58
4th David Mable = 3:39:55
5th Andrew Zeiner = 3:42:00
6th Jason Dal = 3:46:37
7th Scott Sumpter = 3:50:27
DNF Kurt Hantelmann
DNF Ryan French

Marathon Tag Team:

1st Sheri Robinson/Steven Robinson = 3:42:17
2nd Mark West and Bike World Team = 3:57:00
3rd Dee Mable and Kim Hopkins = 3:59:00


Kim West & Sue Cook = 2:49:20

CAT 2 Singlespeed:

1st William Fanter = 1:48:12
2nd Kyle Sedore = 1:50:48
3rd Adam Prosise = 1:52:06
4th Ryan Williams = 1:58:15
5th TJ Davis = 2:06:20
6th Courtney Wilton = 2:06:50
7th Taylor Webb = 2:12:01
8th Perry Leysons = 2:20:49

CAT 2 Sport Open Women:

1st Joann Schmidt = 2:24:39
2nd Amy Hanrahan = 2:37:00
3rd Jessica Plunkett = 2:39:58
4th Cheryl Dralle = 2:45:51
5th Karmen Woelber = 2:48:22
6th Elaine Kay = 3:00:45
7th Nancy Leysens = 3:26:41
8th Michelle Pohlmeyer = 3:26:45
DNF Katherine Fanter

CAT 2 Sport Open Men:

1st John Newell = 1:48:00
2nd Tyler Rushing = 1:50:50
3rd Ryan Van Houweling = 1:54:50
4th Tyler Heibel = 1:55:49
5th Andy Bush = 2:01:42
6th Gabe Geiger = 2:02:52
7th Nick Larson = 2:13:33
8th Nick Woolley = 2:55:05
DNF Jackson Philby
DNF Tony Pearce
DNF Jay Cox
DNF Pablo Kollmar
DNF Stephen Schmitt

CAT 2 Sport Masters Men 35+:

1st John Conlan = 2:07:25
2nd Michael Cullut = 2:12:07
3rd Hugh Ekberg = 2:16:46
4th Wade Thompson = 2:18:49
5th Robert Moural = 2:21:27
6th Joe Zuniga = 2:21:50
7th Kurt Benson = 2:22:05
8th Anthony Hess = 2:24:03
9th Rick Bachman = 2:27:49
DNF Neal Groteluschen
DNF Jason Plunkett
DNF Doug Ecklund
DNF Mark Wiltse
DNF Chris Cornelison

CAT 2 Sport Masters Men 45+:

1st Ken Sherman = 1:54:50
2nd Tony Hibbs = 2:02:53
3rd Jim Logan = 2:07:29
4th Tom Laughend = 2:16:45
5th Jeff Lorenzen = 2:17:35
6th David Ertl = 2:22:32
7th Jeff Farrell = 2:23:35
8th Alan Boone = 2:24:04
9th Tome Davis = 2:26:21
10th Sterling Heise = 2:33:10
11th Brad Kramer = 2:38:48
12th Brad Kruse = 2:46:46
DNF Brian Duffy
DNF Joe Schmidt

CAT 3 Beginner Junior:

1st Place Jocoa Kerschen = 1:09:03

CAT 3 Beginner Women:

1st Sara Brock = 48:10
2nd Mary Adams = 50:01
3rd Deann Wiltse = 51:14
4th Deana Kerschen = 51:15
5th Angie Boyens = 53:55
6th Corrine Wyma = 54:00
7th Heather Myer-Davis = 58:56
8th Julie Sedore = 59:56
9th Julie Goodman = 1:02:39
10th Julie D. Hoffman = 1:06:40
11th Jane Colligan = 1:07:54
12th Sandy Dunivan = 1:16:10
13th Parady Boatwright = 1:22

CAT 3 Beginner Men:

1st David Storm = 1:22
2nd Jason Uhlenatte = 1:24:34
3rd Jeff Gibson = 1:27:46
4th Matt Zepeda = 1:28:01
5th Ben Dalbey = 1:34:12
6th Bryce Gilbert = 1:39:16
7th Kyle Robinson = 1:40:35
8th Garrett Shetterly = 1:41:09
9th Shawn Baker = 1:44:30
10th Steve Dalbey = 1:46:00
11th Garrett Miller = 1:53:21
12th Doug Smith = 2:11:35
13th Rich Fish = 2:38:26
DNF Thomas Cameron
DNF Inigo Ibarra
DNF Tobin Bennett
DNF Erick Holm
DNF Craig Carman
DNF Luke Wyma
NR Eric Larson
NR Donnie Stratton
NR Tom Mertz

Friday, October 8, 2010

Course is marked...

Still a bit of work to do today and tomorrow (Friday/Saturday) before Sunday's race. I'll put in 2 small bridges and try and fill the sinkhole on the far west side of the lake. It's very deep and looks like several loads of earth are needed. It might be easier to just cover it with a sheet of plywood for Sunday's race.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trail Work Day: Sunday, October 3rd at 9 a.m.

Tomorrow is a trail work day at Lake Ahquabi from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.!!!

Meet at the beach shelter parking lot and lend a hand to help get the trails and connector sections primed for next weekend's race. The past week of sunshine has started to turn the trails from a muddy mess into something worth riding. The upcoming week's forecast is for more of the exact same weather (sunshine and dry), so a few hours of work by everyone tomorrow should really help get things in good shape for the race on the 10th.

See you there.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New trail is cut...

I borrowed the CITA trailer with the DR brush mower and cut the new connector trails on Friday, Saturday and today (Sunday). Still some clearing and shaping to be done on the new sections, but as a one man operation I can only get to it a bit at a time (might need some possible wood slats for a temporary bridge section). 7 days of sunshine coming up which should dry things out and give me an idea on the low swamp area on the northeast side of the lake where I cut the new trail.

If anyone has any time to do some trail work - let me know. I'll put you to work. Otherwise, look for a trail work day next Sunday (October 3rd) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to dial everything in so it is race ready for the 10th.

Get out and ride, but make sure you are tubeless or with Slime in the tubes. Lots of thorns and critters (small sapling roots) out there.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trails are mowed and open!

The DNR was able to get out the last week of August and mow the trails as well as remove the fallen trees and limbs. There is still a bit of culvert and sinkhole work to be done, but the trail is now available for riding.

Things are shaping up for the race this October. We will use the Beach Shelter area for parking/registration/start/finish.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Race is Postponed!!!

Due to the weather and current trail conditions, the August 15th date will not work. A rescheduled date is underway to being selected for some time in October (looking at the 10th, 16th, etc...) to make it a nice fall classic mountain bike race.

Look for some announced trail work days in August/September to remove the downed trees, fill in gulleys, work on washed out areas, work on sinkholes and get the trails back into riding shape.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mud is not looking good...

Way too much mud tbanks to historic rains this summer. So much so, that weeks of drying are going to be needed to heal the trails at Lake Ahquabi. I'm going to inspect the entire loop today/tomorrow to determine what to do.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Mullet Classic is the new name!

It's official. The race has taken on a new name for the 40 miler this year. Name choice was not my doing, but since the MOB Team is no longer, gone is the title of "MOB the Quab" and the boys at team members came up with the new name - The Mullet Classic - as the choice and the race is developing behind the scenes at this very moment. If anyone shows up sporting a mullet, they will be asked to take their 6 pack and pickup truck over to the beach area parking lot and go fishing for whatever guys with mullets fish for these days. ;-]

If the rain would only stop, some final details of lap lengths could be ironed out. 20" in May/June and so far 5 days of rain in the first week of July. Muddy mess as of now.

Suffice it to say, CAT 1's will be taking on 40 miles instead of the 37.5 miles they faced last year. So will the new "OPEN" category which is comprised of riders that are doing the event not as a race, but just for the 40 miles. CAT 2 distance is yet to be determined (it could be 20 or 30 as last year was 22.5) and CAT 3's will see less. It all depends on lap length, but we'll have 40 miles for the CAT 1's and OPEN (the non-racing category).

Monday, June 28, 2010

A week of sunshine? Say it isn't so....

Lake Ahquabi (along with many other trails in the Des Moines Metro) certainly will enjoy the week of sunshine and lower/dry temps this week. I have not been able to do any work out at Ahquabi this month due to the amount of rainfall and soggy conditions. 13.98 inches recorded in Indianola for the month of June. That's a lot of liquid for clay soil to absorb.

I'm hoping July brings the more traditional drying period leading into August to get things in shape. It will be a jungle due to the rain requiring lots of mowing, trimming and work. Look for some work dates to be scheduled if anyone is interested in helping me out to prepare things for August 15th.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010 Race....

This year looks like it is shaping up for a spectacular event at Lake Ahquabi. The Lodge is reserved for our registration, post-race celebration, start/finish line area, parking, etc... on Sunday, August 15th. will be involved in promoting and sponsoring the race as we work together to increase participation in the event. That process is underway and I will report back once things start to develop.

In the meantime, rest assured that the route will be very scenic, hilly and in good condition come August 15th.