Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taking on the Yellow Jackets!!

Since I uncovered a ground nest of aggressive yellow jackets in a section we will be riding over, tonight's main agenda is to snuff 'em out once they go night-night. I've consulted two professionals on the best way I can do this myself to keep costs at a minimum.

Dressed in protective clothing from head to toe, I will - along with my assistant (that would be my wife, Tara, also dressed in protective clothing) - pour the solution in the nest entrance, immediately cover the hole with a plastic tarp and cover it with dirt. Or, we might skip the tarp and dirt and just dump a bucket of sand from the beach over the hole after pouring in the solution. I was told the yellow jackets can dig out of the sand, but they cannot dig back in - which is kind of cool. After that, we'll run like heck away from the nest area in case there are multiple holes that I have not yet found or identified and drive home. Sunday morning all the critters should be labeled R.I.P. in their mass grave.

For those pre-riding on Saturday, please BEE-aware that as you ride through the maze where you curve around to head through the gate to climb the old paved road (this is at the edge of the beach house parking lot) - the yellow jacket nest is in the ground to your left side at the edge of the tall weeds just as you make that crest of that curve around the tall weeds. I would suggest, moving to the right on that curve for Saturday's pre-riding as I can't kill the yellow jackets until they are all in their nest tonight after it gets dark. If I cannot get them wiped out, I will obviously adjust that section of the course on Sunday morning before the race.

By the way, yellow jackets love bright clothing. So BEE-aware!!

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