Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Comments on the # of laps for this year...

I just rode 2 laps today of what I think will be the route for this year's race. Things are in very good shape out there as opposed to last year which had all the spring rain turning Lake Ahquabi into a flood disaster zone. I will be doing some trimming the next two weeks to open up some sight lines on corners from some of the growth, but it really is in good shape from all the work I did last year. The DNR will be removing about 6 felled trees and I will do some work with a shovel on a couple of washed out areas.

This year I have rented the Lake Ahquabi Lodge that sits high up on the hill and overlooks the lake. It's a nice place for a post race event (be it food, drink, etc...). My plan is to have the start of the race by the lake shore directly down the hill from the Lodge. The finish line will be to turn up the hill on everyone's last lap and do the dramatic climb straight up the hill from the lake to the lodge as the cowbells are ringing. This will remove one of the problems from last year's finish line by the beach house shelter which was not very safe for finish line sprints on the off camber grass with the corner. This year will be much safer as well as much more difficult to finish with a steep climb. The DNR staff has already mowed a nice straight path in the meadow for our final hill climb.

Please feel free to comment on the number of laps you think are appropriate. Several complained last year about all the climbing and the length of the race. I'm happy to trim off the # of laps if that would please everyone. Last year, beginners did 1 lap, Sport/Singlespeed 3 and Experts 5. Finish times for the winners were 32 minutes for Male and 36 minutes for Female Cat 3's, 1:27 for Cat 2 Male and 1:52 for Cat 2 Female; 1:18 for Singlespeed; 2:05 for Cat 1. We could easily cut it down a lap for Cat 2 and Cat 1, but I'll go with the consensus. I'm Joe Average in terms of the Sport Class and it takes me about 1:33 - 1:38 to complete 3 laps. If a 90 minute duration for the Cat 2 winner is too much, we could cut it down to 60 minutes. And if a 2 hour duration for Cat 1's is too much, we could cut it down 90 minutes. Either way, it's a fun course to just open up the throttle and fly.

Post a comment and let me know your preference of the number or laps or an ideal finish time for the winner in each class so we can base the number of laps off of that.