Monday, August 10, 2009

IMBCS #7 Race Results...

Thanks to all who came out to Lake Ahquabi State Park for the "Mob the Quab" XC race. We had a total of 61 racers this year (up from 41 last year) which was some nice growth to see. The rain stayed away for us and didn't hit until 6:04 p.m. (after everyone was long gone and I was deep in the back woods removing the course markings). Racing temperatures ranged from 84 degrees at the start to near 90 at the finish with a nice breeze and some clouds to keep us from getting overheated. All in all, a great day for racing.

A special thanks to Paul Varnum for doing the timing, my son Zach for counting laps and helping with registration, my wife Tara Starr and friend Gayla Tighe for being course marshals and my duaghter Alexa and her friend Jordan for helping with registration and being course marshals. Thanks to Nick Woolley who helped me with course marking and take down and to Al Boone for doing all the chainsaw work. And I am giving Kyle Sedore the new Kyle Picasso Graffiti Artist Award for his excellent trail art spray can painting on the west side of the lake to mark one intersection for me. Last, but not least, a big thanks to the entire staff at Lake Ahquabi State Park.

My sincere apologies to Tom Anderson who was listed by mistake in the Expert Men's Open. He should have been in the Expert Men's 35+ category where he won 3rd Place. I also apologize for forgetting Dave & Dee Mable's marvelous ride on their tandem. They indeed won their category and were a pleasure to visit with and have at the race. Thank you Sally Logan for reminding me not to forget them at the prize table!!!

Overall Results are listed as: Overall Place/Racer's Name/Category Placing/Finishing Time


1st Cam Kirkpatrick (1st Men’s Open) – 2:18:58
2nd Aaron Robnett (2nd Men’s Open) – 2:26:56
3rd Jed Gammell (3rd Men’s Open) – 2:27:07
4th Nate Kullbom (4th Men’s Open) – 2:28:18
5th Kent Carlson (5th Men’s Open) – 2:38:02
6th Nathan Cline (6th Men’s Open) – 2:45:00
7th Jeff Burnett (1st Men’s 35+) – 2:46:25
8th Brad Patty (2nd Men’s 35+) – 2:48:28
9th Robin Williams (1st Women’s Open) – 2:48:48
10th Christopher Maharry (7th Men’s Open) – 2:53:33
11th Tom Anderson(3rd 35+) – 2:56:58
12th Matt Scotton (4th 35+) – 3:04:00


1st John Newell (1st Men’s 45+) – 1:31:30
2nd Adam Blake (1st SS) – 1:33:31
3rd Rick Blackford (1st Men’s Open) – 1:34:40
4th Kyle Sedore (2nd SS) – 1:36:11
5th John Peters (1st Men’s 35+) – 1:37:10
6th Jason Plunkett (2nd Men’s 35+) – 1:37:26
7th Jim Logan (2nd Men’s 45+) – 1:37:41
8th John Alread (3rd SS) – 1:38:45
9th Tyler Rushing (2nd Men’s Open) – 1:40:20
10th Jim White (3rd Men’s 35+) – 1:42:15
11th Brian Gibson (3rd Men’s Open) – 1:42:25
12th Nick Sobodnski (4th Men’s Open) – 1:43:20
13th Keith Snoop (5th Men’s Open) – 1:43:40
14th Kurt Benson (6th Men’s Open) – 1:43:55
15th Ryan Williams (7th Men’s Open) – 1:44:40
16th Bruce Brown (8th Men’s Open) – 1:45:46
17th Kurt Hantelmann (9th Men’s Open) – 1:47:15
18th David Fish (3rd Men’s 45+) – 1:47:21
19th Adam Thompson (10th Men’s Open) – 1:47:45
20th Bruce Reese (4th SS) – 1:48:20
21st Matt Piepel (11th Men’s Open) – 1:49:22
22nd Julie Vardaman (1st Women’s Open) – 1:55:20
23rd Scott Sumpter (5th SS) – 1:57:39
24th Taylor Webb (6th SS) – 1:59:21
25th Keely Shannon (2nd Women’s Open) – 1:59:21
26th Brian D. Benson (4th Men’s 35+) – 2:00:14
27th Jacob Naumann (5th Men’s 35+) – 2:01:25
28th Sally Logan (3rd Women’s Open) – 2:01:37
29th Kristin Reese (4th Women’s Open) – 2:03:39
30th Tony Hibbs (4th Men’s 45+) – 2:06:00
31st Jim Pratt (5th Men’s 45+) – 2:07:17
32nd Hugh Ekberg (6th Men’s 35+) – 2:10:55
33rd Nick Woolley (7th Men’s 35+) – 2:16:46
34th Mike Lebeda (8th Men’s 35+) – 2:18:56
35th Sterling Heise (6th Men’s 45+) – 2:21:30
DNF Jordan Johnson (DNF Men’s Open)


1st Dave & Dee Mable (1st Tandem) – 2:26:42


1st William Stone (1st Men’s) – 34:55
2nd Karolyn Zeller (1st Women’s) – 39:55
3rd Deb Wood (2nd Women’s) – 40:51
4th Zach Danek (2nd Men’s) – 42:53
5th Maria Ruhtenberg (3rd Women’s) – 46:10
6th Brent Ouellette (3rd Men’s) – 46:53
7th Jessica Savage (4th Women’s) – 47:08
8th Jeff Reiland (4th Men’s) – 47:45
9th Wendi Herrick (5th Women’s) – 55:25
DNF – Jay Van Wyk
DNF – Andrew Gettler

Category Results:


1st Cam Kirkpatrick – 2:18:58
2nd Aaron Robnett – 2:26:56
3rd Jed Gammell – 2:27:07
4th Nate Kullbom – 2:28:18
5th Kent Carlson – 2:38:02
6th Nathan Cline – 2:45:00
7th Christopher Maharry – 2:53:33


1st Jeff Burnett – 2:46:25
2nd Brad Patty – 2:48:28
3rd Tom Anderson – 2:56:58
4th Matt Scotton – 3:04:00


1st Robin Williams – 2:48:48


1st Dave & Dee Mable – 2:26:42


1st Rick Blackford – 1:34:40
2nd Tyler Rushing – 1:40:20
3rd Brian Gibson – 1:42:25
4th Nick Sobodnski – 1:43:20
5th Keith Snoop – 1:43:40
6th Kurt Benson – 1:43:55
7th Ryan Williams – 1:44:40
8th Bruce Brown – 1:45:46
9th Kurt Hantelmann – 1:47:15
10th Adam Thompson – 1:47:45
11th Matt Piepel – 1:49:22
DNF Jordan Johnson


1st John Peters – 1:37:10
2nd Jason Plunkett – 1:37:26
3rd Jim White – 1:42:15
4th Brian D. Benson – 2:00:14
5th Jacob Naumann – 2:01:25
6th Hugh Ekberg – 2:10:55
7th Nick Woolley – 2:16:46
8th Mike Lebeda – 2:18:56


1st John Newell – 1:31:30
2nd Jim Logan – 1:37:41
3rd David Fish – 1:47:21
4th Tony Hibbs – 2:06:00
5th Jim Pratt – 2:07:17
6th Sterling Heise – 2:21:30


1st Julie Vardaman – 1:55:20
2nd Keely Shannon – 1:59:21
3rd Sally Logan – 2:01:37
4th Kristin Reese – 2:03:39


1st Adam Blake – 1:33:31
2nd Kyle Sedore – 1:36:11
3rd John Alread – 1:38:45
4th Bruce Reese – 1:48:20
5th Scott Sumpter – 1:57:39
6th Taylor Webb – 1:59:21


1st William Stone – 34:55
2nd Zach Danek – 42:53
3rd Brent Ouellette – 46:53
4th Jeff Reiland – 47:45
DNF – Jay Van Wyk
DNF – Andrew Gettler


1st Karolyn Zeller – 39:55
2nd Deb Wood – 40:51
3rd Maria Ruhtenberg – 46:10
4th Jessica Savage – 47:08
5th Wendi Herrick – 55:25

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Race is on!!!

The Trail is groomed. The Trail is marked. The yellow jackets are toast. The Lodge is open for registration business at 9 am. Head on out to Lake Ahquabi today for the race.

Mass start at 12 noon for all classes.

Reminder: Bring your favorite racing beverages and plenty of it as it is going to be warm - 90 to 92 during the race.

See you there.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taking on the Yellow Jackets!!

Since I uncovered a ground nest of aggressive yellow jackets in a section we will be riding over, tonight's main agenda is to snuff 'em out once they go night-night. I've consulted two professionals on the best way I can do this myself to keep costs at a minimum.

Dressed in protective clothing from head to toe, I will - along with my assistant (that would be my wife, Tara, also dressed in protective clothing) - pour the solution in the nest entrance, immediately cover the hole with a plastic tarp and cover it with dirt. Or, we might skip the tarp and dirt and just dump a bucket of sand from the beach over the hole after pouring in the solution. I was told the yellow jackets can dig out of the sand, but they cannot dig back in - which is kind of cool. After that, we'll run like heck away from the nest area in case there are multiple holes that I have not yet found or identified and drive home. Sunday morning all the critters should be labeled R.I.P. in their mass grave.

For those pre-riding on Saturday, please BEE-aware that as you ride through the maze where you curve around to head through the gate to climb the old paved road (this is at the edge of the beach house parking lot) - the yellow jacket nest is in the ground to your left side at the edge of the tall weeds just as you make that crest of that curve around the tall weeds. I would suggest, moving to the right on that curve for Saturday's pre-riding as I can't kill the yellow jackets until they are all in their nest tonight after it gets dark. If I cannot get them wiped out, I will obviously adjust that section of the course on Sunday morning before the race.

By the way, yellow jackets love bright clothing. So BEE-aware!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Trail is mowed, marked and ready!!!

I'm finishing up most of the marking today (Friday after lunch). I added about 1/2 - 3/4's of a mile to the course so it measures 7+ miles. It's very scenic, fast and fun. The final marking touches won't be until Saturday late afternoon/early evening as I don't want the beach crowd to pull my flags, stakes and tape. I will, however, have chalk arrows on the grass so pre-riding will be self-explanatory on Friday and Saturday.

The course needed rain and today is not disappointing me as rain is coming down. It should soften up the hard ruts and provide enough tackiness to make things perfect for Sunday.

Come out and race!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Comments on the # of laps for this year...

I just rode 2 laps today of what I think will be the route for this year's race. Things are in very good shape out there as opposed to last year which had all the spring rain turning Lake Ahquabi into a flood disaster zone. I will be doing some trimming the next two weeks to open up some sight lines on corners from some of the growth, but it really is in good shape from all the work I did last year. The DNR will be removing about 6 felled trees and I will do some work with a shovel on a couple of washed out areas.

This year I have rented the Lake Ahquabi Lodge that sits high up on the hill and overlooks the lake. It's a nice place for a post race event (be it food, drink, etc...). My plan is to have the start of the race by the lake shore directly down the hill from the Lodge. The finish line will be to turn up the hill on everyone's last lap and do the dramatic climb straight up the hill from the lake to the lodge as the cowbells are ringing. This will remove one of the problems from last year's finish line by the beach house shelter which was not very safe for finish line sprints on the off camber grass with the corner. This year will be much safer as well as much more difficult to finish with a steep climb. The DNR staff has already mowed a nice straight path in the meadow for our final hill climb.

Please feel free to comment on the number of laps you think are appropriate. Several complained last year about all the climbing and the length of the race. I'm happy to trim off the # of laps if that would please everyone. Last year, beginners did 1 lap, Sport/Singlespeed 3 and Experts 5. Finish times for the winners were 32 minutes for Male and 36 minutes for Female Cat 3's, 1:27 for Cat 2 Male and 1:52 for Cat 2 Female; 1:18 for Singlespeed; 2:05 for Cat 1. We could easily cut it down a lap for Cat 2 and Cat 1, but I'll go with the consensus. I'm Joe Average in terms of the Sport Class and it takes me about 1:33 - 1:38 to complete 3 laps. If a 90 minute duration for the Cat 2 winner is too much, we could cut it down to 60 minutes. And if a 2 hour duration for Cat 1's is too much, we could cut it down 90 minutes. Either way, it's a fun course to just open up the throttle and fly.

Post a comment and let me know your preference of the number or laps or an ideal finish time for the winner in each class so we can base the number of laps off of that.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mob the Quab repeats on the 2009 IMBCS XC race schedule...

It is official. I will be hosting the Mob the Quab XC race at Lake Ahquabi again this year as part of the 2009 IMBCS XC race calendar.

The 2009 Iowa Mountain Biking Championship Series schedule:

IMBCS #1 - April 19 - Sylvan Island, Moline, IL
IMBCS #2 - May 3 - Camp Ingawanis, near Waverly, IA
IMBCS #3 - May 31 - Banner Lakes, Summerset State Park, Indianola, IA
IMBCS #4 - June 7 - Morehead Pioneer Park, Ida Grove, IA
IMBCS #5 - June 21 - Sycamore Trail TT, Des Moines, IA
IMBCS #6 - July 19 - Scott County Park, Eldridge, IA
IMBCS #7 - August 9 - Lake Ahquabi State Park, Indianola, IA
IMBCS #8 - August 23 - Seven Oaks Ski Area, Boone, IA
IMBCS #9 - September 13 - Science Center TT, Des Moines, IA
IMBCS #10 - September 26 - Lake Manawa State Park, Council Bluffs, IA
IMBCS #11 - October 4 - Sugarbottom Rec Area, North Liberty, IA

Full season looks like this for the Psycowpath Series:

Sat, Apr 4th, 2009 - Psycowpath - Maskenthine XC Classic
Sat, May 2nd, 2009 - Psycowpath - Swanson
Sat, May 9th, 2009 - Psycowpath - Platte River
Sat, May 23rd, 2009 - Psycowpath - Lewis and Clark
Sat, Jun 20th, 2009 - Psycowpath - Ponca
Sat, Aug 15th, 2009 - Psycowpath - Tranquility
Sat, Sep 12th, 2009 - Psycowpath - Branched Oak
Sat, Sep 26th, 2009 - Psycowpath - Manawa