Monday, August 4, 2008

Race Lap Distance...

Many people asked me yesterday at the Seven Oaks race about the lap counts and distance at Lake Ahquabi for the this coming weekend.

I'm going to drag my tired legs and backside from Boone out to Lake Ahquabi today to ride the new re-routed and DNR approved race loop to get an accurate measurement of one lap. Some parts of the route I had submitted were removed and others were added, so I need to measure this new distance. Edit: measure and logged in at 6.75 miles for one lap. Shorter than the 8 - 10 mile options we could have had with ideal trail conditions and no flooding this year, but you have to take what mother nature will give you: 6.75 it is.

It's looking like a small group ride is developing for Thursday after work for any of you who are interested in riding the race course. I will post details of that here and on the IORCA Yahoo Group for IMBCS. I think that would be a beneficial exercise for me to get some feedback from others on the appropriate number of laps to do for each race class in an ideal weather situation as well as how to adjust those laps in case we have another heat wave next weekend. Currently, the extended forecast has the high temp on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 80 - 83, so we should have ideal conditions if that holds.

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