Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Group Ride to test the course...

A few of us are getting together to pre-ride the race loop on Thursday, August 7th. Everyone is invited to join us, so feel free to show up.

Details: Thursday 5:30 pm (arrive in the 5:15 - 5:30'ish time range) and we'll take a loop or two. Meet at the beach shelter.

Directions: 65/69 south out of Des Moines and through Indianola. 5 miles south of Indianola, turn right on G-58 and go one mile west right into the main entrance of the state park. Follow the signs down to the beach.

Update: Here's a photograph that I took, courtesy of Paul Varnum's camera, of Paul taking a breather while we watch the DNR crew remove a couple of fallen trees from the course on Thursday night during our pre-ride:

Paul Varnum Watching the DNR saw

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