Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trail Work...

My wife and I have done a few loops to see what the current condition of the trail is like out at Ahquabi following the ice storm damage from December, the removal of the Honeysuckle by the DNR and all of the spring thunderstorms.

As you can see, there are a lot of downed limbs, branches, and debris on the trail:

Keeping up with the wife

The DNR has been around the main loop with chainsaws, but the backwoods trails need some chainsaw work.

Here's a corner that was in need of a good raking to remove the loose debris:

No Cellphones allowed!

I've completed cleaning one of the backwoods loops with my rake which took about 4 days of trail work to complete. I was able to move all of the fallen trees from the trail except for one which will need a chainsaw to remove. I will now start the other backwoods loop before moving back to the main trail to remove fallen debris and to rake up most of the loose stuff.

The forest canopy can get quite thick and low at certain points on the trail. There are a lot of low hanging branches that I am trimming back so nobody loses an eye or gets their face scratched out on the race course. Here's a shot from early last fall to show the canopy:

Forest at Ahquabi

And here is a sample of the amount of leaves on the doubletrack in the fall that I am currently raking to get the trail to dry out and make the surface super-fast:

Riding the Trail

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